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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Earn money with Google AdSense

Find out how to make money and make money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is very popular with website managers or blogs. This is a Big G service, created ad hoc for internet advertising. If you also want to try to earn with this valuable tool, you should spend a few minutes of your time to absolutely read the practical guide below! How to earn with Google AdSense

How does Google AdSense work? :


Once you have signed up for this service (registration is free), Google will allow you to view, on your site or blog, its advertisements, commonly called Google Ads. This type of advertising generally consists of a text format, therefore particularly suitable for advertising any kind of product or service, as with the text it is possible to recall the user's attention. Make Money with a Blog

The AdSense ad structure consists of three lines of text :-

one dedicated to the title, another one for a subtitle, usually designed to convey an important message and finally the last one containing the URL of the destination site.

The general goal of AdSense is to encourage the customer to click on the ad. In simple words, the greater the number of clicks and the greater your profit will be. 

Factors to consider when using Google AdSense :-

If you want to make a considerable and lasting profit it is necessary to consider some fundamental aspects, which can be:

1. Your website or blog must generate a lot of traffic, the reason is that you can get a real profit with AdSense only from large volumes because the amount in money provided by Google is low. It is generally around 1 cent per click;

2. The contents must be original and without the classic "copy and paste", this point is also useful for the positioning of your website. Even Google can "bannare" as regulation, thus losing all your earnings received up to that time;

3. It is advisable to write articles and contents of great interest and potentially profitable. We explain better, AdSense advertising is related to the topic. If for example you talk about fashion, you will have on your pages advertisements of brand of shoes and clothing, or if you write online trading, the announcements of brokers will appear, etc .;

4. It is necessary to disguise the AdSense ads graphically, integrating them with the textual contents of your site, with the intent to immediately make the visitor aware that it is advertising, trying, moreover, not to bother him;

5. This last point is fundamental: if you decide to use the AdSense service, you do not need to add any other kind of sponsorship.

The purpose of the blog :-

The purpose of the blog, will be to intrigue the reader on his blog, continuing to visit him, because more time the user will remain on the blog and more the blog will be indexed, and this is not a small factor. If at the beginning you will be afraid of making mistakes, and you want to feel safer, we suggest, as mentioned above, to hire someone who will write the articles in our place, or to find at least someone who can teach us write them.  How to Write on Uc News and Earn Earnings

How to start writing articles? It is advisable to start with research, for example, to verify the keywords, which do not have so much competition, but which are still quite sought after. 

These are in themselves market surveys, it will be important to understand what will be more convenient to write or not.

When and if, for example, you commission the production of your articles, you will invest your savings, and therefore it will be better to know with certainty, which topics will be dealt with more in the web. How To Earn Money From YouTube

How to increase your earnings with AdSense? : -

With some strategies you can increase your profit. In fact, Google offers you the opportunity to earn more for each click. How? For example, dealing with specific topics such as health, well-being, but also related to mortgages and insurance. How to submit a website or blog to UC News - Full Information

For what reason? Simple. Google has a wide range of advertisers willing to pay large sums to advertise their companies.

This means that the cost to the advertiser increases considerably if you want to be displayed on the front page. It is clear that if the cost to the advertiser increases, the profit that you can derive from the ad on your site is also greater.

On average, one click can be calculated for every 100 visitors. So, with a site that makes 100,000 visits per month, you can get a thousand clicks and if you have AdSense ads focused on high-paying topics, then you could have a monthly return of around 500 euros.

In addition, it is advisable to customize the ads, with the main intent to adapt to the graphics and style of the website. You can change various elements such as background, font color, and so on.

In conclusion, to increase the profit with AdSense you should consider changing the language with which you write, or choose English or Spanish instead of Italian.

If you have a budget to invest, and if you also do not initially feel confident about writing the articles yourself, it will be important to find trusted columnists, and that means finding competent people who have already written articles on the web, and that they are able to bring the blog to the top, and last but not least, find articulation who do not require a lot of money for the performance.

Another essential aspect will be to find a web designer, who is able to create a site, or a catchy blog, because the graphics are everything, it is fundamental, because it is the first visual impact that you have by opening a blog, or anyway a site. How To Submit A Website Or Blog To UC News 100% Real Trick 2017

The motivation is quite obvious :

" the number of people who speak our language is much lower than those who speak English and Spanish, therefore, even the visitors are greater."

For example, in Italy a site that receives 1,000 visitors a day is a site that works, the same volumes compared to the Anglo-Saxon and Latin countries are, instead, ridiculous. Specifically in the English case, we think only of populations like the Americans, Britons, Australians, to which are added the former colonies such as Indians, some African States and many others, all together add up to 2 billion potential users!

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