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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Facebook now also gets 'I give money' button

If you want to support the charity, you can do so directly via Facebook. The site gives fan pages of organizations a 'donation' tool. Whoever wants to raise money for a sick uncle or a new rabbit hutch for the petting zoo will be able to do this directly on his Facebook profileUber was silent about hacking 57 million users for years


The new button was exclusively presented yesterday at the 'Facebook Loft', a touring exhibition that lands this week in Brussels. In the 'Loft', advertisers, charities, universities and companies will be invited to show how a close-knit community can be formed on Facebook with the 6.7 million Belgian users. Facebook says it will hire experts to check Undressed pictures

Facebook is introducing the 'Facebook Fundraiser' this month. Every NGO or other charity will be equipped with a donation button and 'ordinary' people will be able to raise money for projects. "Or whoever prefers not to receive gifts for his birthday, but rather sees money deposited for Unicef, for example, can link the tool to his or her birthday event," country manager Alexis Lebedoff says. "We check everything in advance. We get people with bad intentions or false profiles out. " Good News Whats App Will Soon Play YouTube Video in Chat

The 'Safety Check' was also expanded. In the event of an attack, you can not just click that you are safe, but you will also be able to offer help - for example, accommodation, a bed or food - and to ask for help. After the attacks of 22 March 2016, the 'Safety Check' was used by 891,500 people and 34.7 million friends received good news.

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