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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Facebook says it will hire experts to check Undressed pictures

Facebook has announced that it will hire experts to examine the user's nude pictures in a new project designed to prevent pornography from being posted on Facebook. They will have the responsibility of checking and separating the images. Instagram Stories Now Can Be Uploaded to Facebook Simultaneously


The project for blocking pornographic images with vengeance has begun with Facebook on a pilot basis in countries including Australia. Under the new scheme, consumers should send their nude photos to Facebook. Sending pictures will change the way to digital fingerprint form. If you try to upload these images then Facebook will block it.

At the same time, concerns about the project are also spreading in the cyber world. Concerns about the safety of the pictures are mainly raised. However, Facebook does not provide it for third parties. Facebook has a new strategy for combating revenge porn: It wants to see your nudes first, before an abuser has the chance to spread them.As part of a new feature the social network is testing in Australia, users are being asked to upload explicit photos of themselves before they send them to anyone else, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Facebook, Now block these two profile of Facebook

This is how the new feature works. First, you upload an explicit image of yourself to Facebook Messenger (you can do so by starting a conversation with yourself). Then, you flag it as a "non-consensual intimate image" for Facebook.

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