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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Google collects location from Android users, even with location services disabled

Google collects the location of Android users through cell towers, even if they have disabled location services. An opt-out is not possible, reports Facebook now also gets 'I give money' button


Since the beginning of this year, Android smartphones have been sending the locations of nearby cell towers to Google as soon as the telephone has an internet connection. This also happens when users switch off location services and without users knowing about it. Google confirms the practices to Quartz that made the discovery. Google Destroy App Show Maps Hers

According to a Google spokesperson, the broadcast mast locations are part of information that Google uses to manage push notifications. However, the data would never actually have been used or stored. Opposite Quartz, Google says that it will stop gathering the transmission mast locations from the end of November when location services are turned off. Uber was silent about hacking 57 million users for years


It is not possible to make a very accurate location determination on the basis of a transmission tower, but by combining data from several transmitter masts with triangulation. This is certainly the case in urban areas with many radio masts.

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