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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Health Tips: The Elderly Pay Attention To 5:00 Can Effectively Prevent Insomnia

Health Tips- 

1. Less Sleep During the Day, Increase Activities : The Elderly to Reduce Daytime Activities After Retirement, Daytime Sleep Time and Nighttime Sleep Time Shortened. Due to Lack of Daytime Activities, Often Affect the Quality of Nighttime Sleep, Manifested as Shallow Sleep, Wake Up Easily, Early Awakening, But in The Daytime, Feel Drowsy. Therefore, The Elderly Should Try to Keep Awake During the Day to Ensure High-Quality Sleep at Night. Of Course, Not Do Not Sleep During the Day, When the Drowsiness 1-2:00 Pm, You Can Naturally Sleep Less, 15-30 Minutes. 25 Easy Tips to Maintain a Slim Body - The Ultimate Guide


2. A Reasonable Diet, Do Not Drink: Retired Elderly Activities to Reduce the Poor Appetite, The Regularity of The Diet Is Not as Good as Before Retirement, Eat Dinner Early Eat Less, And Sometimes at Night Before Going to Sleep Will Feel Hungry, Do Not Eat, Eat and Affect Sleep. In Addition, Some Older People Have Drinking Habits, But Also Mistakenly Listen to Others Say That Before Going to Bed to Drink Wine to Sleep Better, So Like to Drink A Few Mouthfuls Before Going to Bed, The Result Will Actually Reduce the Quality of Sleep. This Shows That After Retirement Should Be a Reasonable Arrangement of Diet and Time, Try to Arrange Dinner At 19 O'clock, Eat Some Fruit After Dinner, Or Go to Sleep About 2 Hours Before Going to Eat 1-2 High Heat Small Snacks to Prevent Hunger Before Going to Sleep, Avoid Eating or Drinking Before Going to Bed. One orange = five herbs, do you know how to use it?


3. Wash Before Going to Bed, Less Watching Tv: The Elderly Love to Watch Tv, But Not Too Late at Night, Sleep Too Late. Do Not Lie on The Couch Until You See "Good Night" Just Wash and Sleep, So Easily Lead to Reduced Sleep Quality, And Even Insomnia. Before Going to Sleep It Is Best to Wash a Hot Bath, Relax the Body Easy to Fall Asleep. If There Is No Condition Hot Water Bath, But Also Wash Your Feet with Hot Water, Soak for A While, But Also Can Promote Nerve Relaxation and Promote Sleep. Like to Pay Attention to Oranges, And Now I Know Too Late


4. Adjust the Attitude, Prudent Medication: The Elderly Retired, The Original Rhythm of Life Has Changed, Status Has Undergone Great Changes, This Time Should Be Adapted As Soon As Possible And the Formation of a New Lifestyle, While Strengthening the Attitude Adjustment, Otherwise, It Is Easy and Cause Some Mental and Psychological Obstacles, Manifested as Irritability, Anxiety, Depression, Depression and So On. Medical Experts Point Out That the Mental and Psychological Disorders Are Often Accompanied by Sleep Disorders, The Performance of The Mild Decline in The Quality of Sleep, Easy to Wake Up Early; Severe Persistent Insomnia Occurs, Serious Harm to Health. Once Insomnia, Drug Control Can Not Be Relied On, First of All, From Lifestyle, Diet, Exercise and Psychological Conditioning, The Effect Is Not Good Just Consider Drug Treatment. Insomnia for The Elderly Mostly Long-Term Half-Life Benzodiazepine Class of Derivatives, Such as Nitrazepam, Delorazepam, Nitro fluoride Stability. Should Be Under the Guidance of a Doctor Prescribed Medication, Do Not Suddenly Stop Taking Drugs or Large Doses to Prevent the Phenomenon Of "Rebound".


5. Prevention and Treatment of Diseases, Promote Sleep : The Elderly Have More or Less the Degree of Tissue and Organ Degeneration, Making Degenerative Diseases and Chronic Diseases, The Prevalence Rate. Some Diseases May Have an Adverse Effect on Sleep, Such as Increased Nycturia Caused by Benign Pro static Hyperplasia, Diabetes and Urinary System Diseases, Which May Disturb Sleep. Pulmonary Function May Be Decreased Due to Chronic Lung Disease, And Insomnia May Be Caused by Inadequate Ventilation and Ventilation. In Addition, Pain and Itching Can Also Significantly Affect Sleep. Therefore, The Elderly Should Pay Attention to Regular Physical Examination, Timely Detection and Control of Related Diseases, In Order to Reduce the Incidence of Insomnia Caused by The Disease. Some Drugs Can Also Cause Insomnia in The Treatment of Diseases, Such as Antihypertensive, Diuretics, Thyroid Drugs, Steroids and Central Stimulants Commonly Used in The Elderly, Should Be Vigilant During Taking Drugs, If Necessary, Adjust the Drug.


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