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Thursday, 30 November 2017

How to earn with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular tools for monetizing online content. To be more precise, this is an advertising circuit that connects advertisers and publishers, ie companies that need advertising and bloggers or Internet sites who want to monetize their content in a very simple way. Google AdSense is disapproved, you can earn money on the blog from these Top 7 tricks -

Unlike television ads or advertisements appearing in newspapers that for obvious reasons can not be dynamically altered, AdSense ads automatically adapt to the content of the sites hosting them and the likes of users viewing them . This means that a technology blog will automatically generate banners for hi-tech products, while on a kitchen site it will be easier to see banners about gourmet food, restaurants and so on. How To Build Privacy Policy And Disclaimer Page In Blog - Full Information

As an intermediary between publishers (ie site managers) and advertisers (ie companies that pay for advertising), Google has available HTML tags to be copied and pasted on our sites to enable viewing of banners. It's all very simple, but to be accepted within the circuit you have to adhere to the well-defined rules and to pass an initial verification procedure. Would you like to know more? Well, find out all in this guide on how to earn with AdSense.

To submit your application to join the AdSense program, you must have a Google Account. You got it? No? Then I'll remotely go and read my tutorial on how to create a Google Account.

Next, link to the AdSense website and click on the Get started now button. Then set the English language from the drop-down menu at the top right, make sure your Gmail address is correctly detected and click the Yes button.

At this point, type the address of your website in the relevant text field, select the language of the content in it from the underlying menu, and then click Continue to go to the next step. Google AdSense can earn 1 million earnings on 100,000 traffic

Warning: You can only enter second-level domains (eg or Third-level domains (such as are not supported, except those that are part of AdSense Partner Services. For example, if you've created a free blog on Blogger, you can sign up for AdSense, but you have to follow a slightly different procedure than the standard: you need to log in to the Blogger Admin panel, press the arrow next to the pencil button (next to the title of your blog) and select the Profit item from the menu that appears. The rest of the registration process will be the same as what we have just seen together.

Finally, choose whether to create a personal or professional AdSense account by ticking one of the two items next to the Account Type entry (choose to create a professional account if you want to head it to a business) and fill out the form that you is provided by providing all required information: name, address, city and telephone number.

So choose whether to receive promotional emails from Google by answering Yes or No to all the questions at the bottom of the page and clicking on the Send my question button to submit your AdSense membership request. Membership is completely free and free from time constraints.

Check and activate your AdSense account :-

How to earn with Google AdSense

Activating AdSense accounts is not immediate. After you sign up for the service, your request will be charged by Google within 24 hours to respond to you by email giving you directions about the next steps you must take.

If you accept, you will need to log in to your AdSense account, accept the terms of service (by ticking Yes, I read and agree to the Agreement and click the Continue button in my AdSense account) and create the your first ad unit. To do this, you'll need to select the My Ad Ads tab, click on the New Ad unit button, choose an ad format from the available ones and paste the HTML code that will be provided to your site.

Google will make a new verification on your account, and within 2 or 3 days will email you the outcome of the transaction. In the case of acceptance, you will begin earning with AdSense by freely advertising ads on your site, otherwise you will need to follow the directions given by "big G" and resolve the issues encountered during the verification process of your account. More info here.

Note: During the initial verification of your account (the one that lasts 2 or 3 days), the ads you enter on your site will not be view-able, will appear as empty spaces, and will not earn you any revenue.

AdSense rules :-

To override AdSense verification, and then to keep your account active, you must follow strict rules.

Sites that want to post ads on the AdSense track can not host explicit content (adult content), content related to gambling, content that hates hate and should not violate copyright rules. More info here.

In addition, it is forbidden to tamper with the ad code (you have to enter the HTML code in your site just as you provide it to Google), you can not click banners on your site, and you can not explicitly invite visitors to click ads. More info here.

AdSense ad format :-

There are many AdSense ad formats. The most popular (and profitable) ones are those that combine images and texts, but you can also opt for text-only ads or just graphic content (even video, but they're pretty rare).

The shapes and sizes are also very varied: there are ads that automatically resize according to the layout of the site (ideal for sites with a responsive design, ie it automatically fits according to the device from which views are made and to the size of the browser window); horizontal banners in 728 × 90 Leaderboard format; vertical ones in Skyscraper format large 300 × 600 and the list could go on for a long time.

There is no better banner format in absolute terms than another. It's up to the manager of each site to understand what ads to use and where to place them to make them do their utmost. More info here.

The insertion of banners, as mentioned above, is very easy. Just copy the AdSense code provided by AdSense and paste it into the part of the site where you want to show your ads. To edit your site's HTML code, you can use any editor appropriate for that purpose or, if you have a blog, you can trust the code editing tools available in your CMS administration panel (WordPress, Blogger, etc.).

AdSense Payments :-

AdSense ads generate earnings when users click on them. Only a few campaigns - to say the very rarest - offer a remuneration for the impression, that is, for visitor banners only. Earnings per click or per impression are just a few cents, so to have a significant return you need to have many visits.

Payments are made by bank transfer, by check or electronic money transfer (EFT) between day 21 and day 26 of the month when the minimum threshold of 70 euros is exceeded. If you want, you may want to postpone your payment and add two or more months' earnings to get a bigger amount in one solution (you do everything in the View Payments panel> AdSense Payment Settings).

Other useful information :-

Include Tax Information - When you get the first 10 Euros of earnings, AdSense requires updating your tax information. It is good to provide this information with care, because in the event of non-verification of these, you will inevitably encounter the suspension of your account.

Adding other sites - You can use AdSense ads in more than one site without creating a new Google Account. To find out how to do it, read the directions in the official guide to the service. Instead, you can manage multiple AdSense accounts with the same beneficiary name.

For any other doubt - see the official AdSense guide and look for forums and / or Facebook groups that deal with online monetization.

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