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Sunday, 12 November 2017

iPhone X Sentenced Easy Ngehang When Weather Cold

NEW YORK - Apple has officially introduced the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, with prices touching the range of Rp13 million for the US market. But unfortunately, the owners of the iPhone X claiming their gadgets screen does not work properly alias ngehang in cold temperatures. Apple iPhone X Was the most spectacular product announced last month


As reported by The Sun, Saturday (11/11/2017) mengai ha it, Apple said software improvements must be done to overcome the problem. Some owners claim the Screen on iPhone X does not work well in cold weather.

iPhone X owners say their devices are unresponsive at low temperatures. It is believed to be a move from a warm environment to a cold one. In Reddit, one person claims his gadget is having problems on the situation around 7 Celcius.

He wrote: "I've noticed that my iPhone X screen gets very unresponsive as soon as I step outside.

"It really takes two seconds to get into a cool place outside the house and my screen stops being very responsive. Does anyone else have this problem?"

Based on the results of research iPhone X became the best iPhone product, although some reviewers remind the possibility of interference on FaceID, facial recognition system to access the phone, new features issued by Apple. Apple's deal with Jio, the people who take iPhone in India will get these features

The reviewers team are randomly selected people and Apple does not reveal their identity. Iphone X, with redesigned glass and anti-rust steel devices, will be released on November 3rd.

Another thing the reviewers said was a concern about the supply and accuracy of FaceID, a new system to improve face recognition features on Samsung's output products.

With the price of USD999, iPhone X is the most expensive mobile phone ever launched by Apple, but according to analysts, the number of smart phone bookings it has far exceeded inventory.

The home button, the main feature on the previous iPhone, was omitted on iPhone X.

The fingerprint sensor is also removed, replaced by FaceID, a facial recognition feature for access to the phone with the help of a front-facing infrared camera, "TrueDepth"

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