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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Just a video to "crack" Android phones and tablets

Researchers, 5 attempts to unlock are too many

Pattern Lock, the system behind the security of about 40% of Android phones and tablets, can be easily hacked if someone, even from a distance, is filming us. And the five attempts made by the system to overcome the blocking sequence are too many. Launching the alert, at a convention on the security of information systems organized in the United States, are experts from Northwest University and the British universities of Bath and Lancaster. Google Releases Datally Android Apps That Can Monitor Data Usage

crack android phones and tables

A video to drive phones and tablets :-

One of the most common ways to defend cell phones and tablets from violations is to insert a custom block sequence. To bypass it, the researchers point out, the attacker is sufficient to film the victim while he is composing the Pin even from a distance, because it could be noticed from close up. A distance of two and a half meters is sufficient, but you can reach a maximum of nine meters with a good camera. Then, a specific image processing software is applied to the video to reconstruct the movement of the fingers and then provide a series of unlock sequences. The engineers assure that it is not necessary to have a high-resolution video, even a video shot with a mobile phone is sufficient. 5 Simple Ideas on How to Make Money Online From Home Jobs

The experiment :-

The researchers tested their system on a sample of 120 different sequences created by different users and the system managed to 'crack' it 95% within the five attempts made by Android before locking the device. The most complex sequences, the researchers observe, are also the easiest to "crack", because they provide the system with a greater number of movements and therefore information that helps to limit the possible combinations of unlocking. Moto Z2 Force makes you want to buy a Motorola back

How to defend yourself? :-

Researchers have come up with solutions such as colored screens or dynamically changing brightness to confuse cameras or even fingerprint readers. And finally the old system of covering the movement of the fingers with one hand, as you do at the ATM, which is perhaps still the safest.

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