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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Leaked Photo Xiaomi Redmi 5 Appeared, Will Rely on Selfie Camera Features

Xiaomi's brand of smartphones is now increasingly well-known, with the Chinese company currently among the top 500 companies. One of the things that make the name Xiaomi quickly skyrocketed is their strategy that sells cheap devices, but has a higher specification than its competitors. Xiaomi India Indicates There Will Be A New Redmi Smartphone end of month

xiaomi redmi 5

But for the year 2017, Xiaomi just launched the Mi series smartphone, where for the series Redmi there are only a few types that are launched. Redmi 5 is one of the smartphone budgets from Xiaomi which is expected to soon glide in the near future. The smartphone is expected to come with an 18: 9 full-screen design, which is now a new standard. Well, recently leaked about the device has appeared again.

This leak comes in the form of a photo showing the front of Redmi 5, where we can see a thin bezel on the front. Although we can still see the thin bezel at the top and bottom, but the design Redmi 5 is better when compared with the predecessor smartphone design. Since the Redmi 5 screen looks longer, then we can expect an 18: 9 ratio on this smartphone. Xiaomi Releases Cheapest Variant Of Xiaomi Mi Note 3
We can see that the size of the top and bottom bezels look the same, but we do not find anything in the bottom bezel. While at the top, we can see the ear-pieces and three circles where two of them can be ascertained as a front camera and sensor, while the other could be a second camera lens or LED flash. In addition to Redmi 5, Xiaomi also diharpakan come with Redmi Note 5 which also carries the screen 18: 9.

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