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Friday, 17 November 2017

Learn These 8 Importance of Yoga Techniques Better Health Effects

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Yoga is a perfect combination of physical and spiritual movement, but also requires people to practice, not the surface of the various elegant style so simple. So, when practising yoga need to master what skills?


What skills can enhance yoga practice :-

1. Followed Feeling Go :-


Yoga is not only a kind of health promotion exercise, but also a kind of enjoyment. Therefore, when practising yoga, you should follow the feeling, that is, you should feel it.

So, what's the feeling? When practising yoga, it is necessary to increase the sensitivity to "feeling" so that you can feel whether the body is in balance and whether the body has a strange condition and can make adjustments in time. Health Tips, Papaya advantages and disadvantages of eating papaya

And through feeling to relieve the spirit of panic and fear, so experience the feeling of this process, to stimulate the potential and to more comfortable mood and state to practice yoga, will be able to harvest a different kind of happiness and enjoyment.

2. Should Not Be Fed Before Practice :-


Yoga is a physical exertion, so many people think that when you're full, you have strength. Therefore, before practising yoga will fill the stomach first, as everyone knows, in full state is not suitable for practising yoga.

Because of the many forms of yoga, including yoga, supine, cat, triangle and other types of relatively large amplitude, and if in the state of satiety exercises, it is easy to cause abdominal pain, abdominal distension and other symptoms. Health Tips, ghee is very important for our body

Therefore, after eating must be fully carried out digestion, in a relatively fasting state is the most suitable time to practice yoga.

3. Calm Minds Set :-


Yoga pay attention to unity of mind and mind, do not walk in the practice of God, we must focus all the thinking with the action in order to better promote the unity of body and mind, to achieve better health effects.

4. Master the Correct Method of Breathing :-

A trick with a call a suction, can make the yoga moves more perfect and balanced, so when practicing yoga, we must pay attention to the importance of breathing in order to better achieve the desired effect. Health Tips, Aloe Vera is a medicine that will treat the many diseases

Yoga practice, in addition to the special requirements of the body style, the best breathing less breathing with your mouth, choose more to breathe the nose, and breathing and exercise with each other.

5. Choose a comfortable practice venue :-


Practice yoga is best in an elegant and comfortable environment, away from the noisy noise, conducive to creating a pleasant, quiet yoga environment, so that people can better purify the mind in silence, feel meditation. Age Of 55 The Fitness Plan Of Sunil Shetty 28 Inch Waist Was Opened

6. Warm-Ups Before Practice :-


Warm-up before practice yoga can promote the body's muscles and bones get a certain stretch and forging chain, so that yoga can be completed after the follow-up practice a variety of ways to prevent physical injuries.

7. Do Not Bathe Immediately After Yoga :-


After practicing yoga, many people choose to bath to relieve physical and psychological stress, but also clear the body's body odor.

However, just after practicing yoga, the body is still in a state of relative excitement. At this time, the choice of bathing will cause the blood vessels to expand and the blood flow rate will increase, causing a certain burden on the heart. Baba Ramdev Skin Care Some Tips In English

Therefore, after the yoga should not immediately bath, at least until about 1 hour. And for the body to sweat in time to wipe clean, so as not to wet the air into the body.

8. Postures to Their Own Limit Is Appropriate :-


There are many kinds of yoga body, the degree of difficulty varies, when practising yoga, especially the challenges of various extreme yoga style, the body often have a taste too much.

Therefore, yoga pose must be based on the maximum body can withstand as a benchmark, do not brave, follow a gradual approach, step by step, to ensure the safety of the body as the primary purpose. Health Tips, this is a miraculous remedy for the disappearance of eyes

The above Xiaoping brief introduction, the skills needed to practice yoga, I hope you attract enough attention, in order to better yoga regimen.

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