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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Lose Weight-2 Healthy Lunchbox Lunch Take to School Work

8 Healthy Bread Drum - Take Lunch Without Bread :-

I have a number of videos and a lot of articles that give you ideas for healthy lunch dishes that you can easily take to school or work. Yet I still get very often questions about it. That's why I thought it would be fun to make a sort of summary article full of ideas and links to nice recipes. So get ready for a whole mountain of inspiration. Quick Weight Loss: 6 Simple Tips That Work 100% Sure


The problem'

We English people almost always have lunch with bread. Nowadays more and more people want to vary with lunch dishes. The problem, however, is that we are so used to filling our lunchbox with simple sandwiches. Bringing other dishes is not in our system. So inspiration is very welcome for many people. Bread Replacement : 5 X Lunch / Breakfast Idea Without Sandwiches

Lunch ideas to take with you :-

Here are a lot of ideas of lunch dishes that you can take with you, along with some tips on how to pack it.
  • A salad is one of my favorite lunch dishes to take away. You can vary endlessly with the filling. Some of my favorites are snack tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, carrots, pickles, (smoked) chicken, tuna or canned salmon, shrimps, olives, corn, ham cubes, pulses (lentils, chickpeas etc.), grapes, apple, etc. Also you can for example add some potato or pasta, but you do not have to! Here you will find more tips for a healthy salad and here you will find tips for dressing. Slow Food - 4 Tips to Slow Down Your Meal
  • Crackers are also perfect for lunch. Preferably use wholegrain crackers. I usually invest them richly, so they fill well. I like to take the siege in a separate box, which keeps the crackers crispy. My favorite sorts are hüttenkäse, egg, avocado, chicken fillet, roast beef, raw vegetables and fish.
  • You may not think about it, but you can also take cheese, yogurt or porridge with you very well. I like to go for low-fat cottage cheese with healthy breakfast cereals and fresh fruit. I put the curd cheese and the fruit in a container and the cereal in another smaller container. This keeps it crispy! Nowadays you even have containers where a smaller bowl is screwed up, specially meant to take your breakfast with you. I recently bought one at Action. You can eat cold oatmeal porridge, or even warm up if you have a microwave. Health Tips: The Elderly Pay Attention To 5:00 Can Effectively Prevent Insomnia
  • You can simply throw an omelette in a simple lunchbox. Cut it into pieces and eat it during lunchtime. This can be cold, or you can warm it up. I often use 3 eggs with a lot of vegetables. Sometimes I fill it with chicken fillet, cheese, herbs etc. You can possibly eat a sandwich with it. Here you will find a recipe.
  • Who does not like pancakes now? I often take them to work! You bet your colleagues are jealous. Of course it takes some preparation, but you can then just take them in a plastic container. Possibly you can keep siege separate. Here and here you will find example recipes.
  • I said that these lunch dishes went without bread, but you can also go for a special sandwich! Cover your sandwiches richly with, for example, fish, lean meat, egg, raw vegetables, gherkin, olives, mushrooms, fruit etc. Here, here and here you will find examples. Also keep the siege separate. 25 Easy Tips to Maintain a Slim Body - The Ultimate Guide
  • A wrap is also super nice to take with me. Again you can vary endlessly. Meat, fish, vegetarian, raw vegetables, stir-fry vegetables, legumes and so on. You can also eat a wrap both cold and hot. Here, here and here some ideas.
  • Leftovers from the evening meal are perfect for when you have little time. Just throw them in a suitable container and Kees is ready. You can also eat both cold and hot food (yes, everything is cold to eat
I have previously made two videos with recipes for lunch dishes that you can easily take with you. You can find them here and here. Learn These 8 Importance of Yoga Techniques Better Health Effects

My Ultimate Tips :-


Below are some tips to make it easier to vary with a healthy lunch:
  • Purchase plastic containers in different sizes and / or with different compartments. For example a larger container for salad, a small container for cottage cheese, yoghurt or oatmeal and possibly a container with several compartments to separate products. You can find these trays at, for example, Blokker, Hema, Albert Heijn, Xenos and Action.
  • Take products apart from each other, then it stays good! For example, do not put your nuts in your salad but keep them separately in a container or bag. Take crackers and fill apart, just like for example.
  • Optionally you can buy a small cooler bag. However, I notice that many products just stay good (unless it is super hot weather).
  • Do not forget to aim a spoon, fork and / or knife in your bag if this is not present at your work.
  • Also add some extras to your lunch! Think for example raw vegetables, fruit, a boiled egg, cup à soup, pickles or some rice cakes. An Orange Flavored "Medicine", So Eat to Maximize the Medicinal Value

To make a long story short: in my eyes you can take almost everything! Especially in a relatively cool country like the Netherlands. Just get some extra containers in the house and a child can do the laundry!

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