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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Slow Food - 4 Tips to Slow Down Your Meal

If you eat too fast, you often do not realize that you are already full. Your brain did not have the time to send a "happy" signal to your stomach. If you eat slowly, chances are you'll get a signal when you're full enough ... And not until you're full.


Slow food is unfortunately not always easy. If you have something delicious on your plate, then you are only too happy to slide it inside. Hap, swallow, gone. Before you know it your plate is empty and you have eaten more than you like. Therefore, here are some tips to learn to eat more slowly ...

1. Chew longer :-

It may not be the most tempting way to eat slowly, but it does work: count the number of times you chew every bite. Many people only chew a mouthful of food a few times before they swallow them. If you do not chew or hardly chew, you will automatically start shaving more quickly. > More info

2. Water with the meal

Slow food is a matter of time traits ... If you take a sip of water after every bite, you will be busy longer with the meal. Or at least spend a smaller part of the time putting food in your mouth. In short: more water = less food. > More info

3. Never eat with distraction

Many people eat behind the television. Eating while you are distracted, however, is the way to startled very quickly, without you noticing it yourself. Watch an exciting movie and you will continue to rake out of tension and sensation. Before you know it, your plate is empty. > More info

4. Enjoy as much as possible

You enjoy your food most if you experience every bite as consciously as possible. This means that you have to eat concentrated and intentionally chew, interpret and swallow. A conscious and intense taste experience has the positive side effect of eating more slowly. Moreover, you will enjoy more of your food.

Do you have any tips to eat more slowly? Leave them below in a comment!

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