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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Uber was silent about hacking 57 million users for years

Almost a year ago, hackers stole data from about 50 million Uber customers, but it was not until Tuesday that the taxi app announced the theft for the first time. The hackers also gained access to data from approximately 7 million Uber driversXiaomi Releases Cheapest Variant Of Xiaomi Mi Note 3


It concerns names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of users around the world, says Uber to the financial news agency Bloomberg. According to the app, however, no credit card data or information about journeys have been stolen.

Uber admits that neither the government nor the people involved have been informed. The company paid 100,000 dollars to the hackers (about 85,000 euros) to destroy the stolen data. Uber assumes that the information has not been used. Render iPhone 2 SE with Stunning Full-Screen Design

The hackers were given access to the data via a poorly secured database. Uber security chief Joe Sullivan is being fired this week, Uber says. The cover-up operation once again casts a shadow over the management period of Travis Kalanick, who led Uber for a long time. This was accompanied by various scandals around the aggressively acting taxi app. Since then Uber has changed the way she does business. "None of that should have happened. We are not going to look for excuses, "said the new Uber boss, Dara Khosrowshahi.

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