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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WhatsApp, To Record Voice Messages Will No Longer Need to Press Your Finger

The solution? The lock. This change has "split" the world of Twitter in two: on the one hand, lovers of audio and on the other those who cannot stand them. You Can Now Play YouTube Videos Directly In WhatsApp App


Thumb cramps caused by WhatsApp audio? No problem. Arriva ... the padlock (already known to Telegram users). The most talkers will be particularly happy with this new feature, launched with the new update for iOS. You will no longer need to press your finger for the duration of the recording. Just press the microphone icon and a padlock will appear at the top: a small swipe (movement of the thumb) towards the latter and the recording will be locked until desired. Top 10 Whats App Best Funny Videos All Collection 2017 New

A definitely more convenient solution that could lead users, even the less prolific ones, to record longer vocal messages. From the most popular of the chat comes another new feature (again for iOS): that of being able to watch Youtube videos within the application. And the reproduction should continue even when switching from one conversation to another. Revealed! WhatsApp Immediately Release Features Delete Sent Messages

The reaction of users - The news has "split" the world of Twitter in two: on the one hand, audio lovers and on the other those who cannot stand them. There are those who write "#WhatsApp and the update that allows vocal notes without holding: a small step for the man, a big step for the logorrhea" and "Now you can have fun" and who, instead "This is called updating! "And" The turning point ". Whats App introduces a new feature in the mobile application, How it works

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