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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Apple brings public beta from iOS 11.2.5 and tvOS 11.2.5

Apple has released new beta versions of iOS and tvOS for testing on the public beta program Apple Seed. iOS 11.2.5 and tvOS 11.2.5 Beta 1 are now available. For watchOS, however, there is no public beta program. iPhone 8 and iPhone X Will Be Officially Sold In Indonesia On December 22nd

Apple brings public beta from iOS 11.2.5 and tvOS 11.2.5

The new betas appeared just one day after the release of iOS 11.2.1 and tvOS 11.2.1 for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Interesting: Between the last final versions and the now publicly available betas missing some version numbers. This could be because Apple leaves some room to publish additional bugfix updates without having to change the numbering.

The updates seem to focus on bug fixes and security enhancements despite their enormous size. While these betas were only available to developers until recently, they have now been released for public beta test participants. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) It Reveals the Design Will Be Carried

In the first developer beta release of iOS 11.2.5, no new features were discovered, so it's not entirely clear what new features this beta release introduces.

The public beta version of tvOS 11.2.5 can be obtained from the settings menu on the Apple TV by navigating under "System" in the Software Updates section. "Get Public Beta Updates" must be activated, and as soon as the Apple TV downloads the beta software. Apple, in 2018 we could see a low-cost iPad

As always, of course, a beta should never be played on a device that you want to work with or that should not fail. As a rule, the betas work without any problems, but even we have come across the fact that a device had to be set up again after a non-final software version was installed.

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