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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Apple's Jimmy Iovine Predicts the Downfall of Spotify

Jimmy Iovine, chief Apple Music, knows what he is doing. He has a long track record in the record industry and was co-founder of Beats. In interviews he is less useful and at Billboard he makes a number of statements that are at least remarkable. Apple And (RED) Celebrate A Record Year for Donations

Spotify does not have a long life, if you ask the Iovine. There is no money to earn with streaming music. He expects only companies that offer it as a complementary service to survive.


No future for free Spotify : -

According to the Apple Music chef there is no future for free streaming and certainly not for services that only focus on streaming music. "The streaming services are in a difficult market. There is no margin and no one earns money, "says Iovine. 

He continues :-

"Amazon sells Prime, Apple sells phones and iPads, but Spotify? They only offer streaming and have never made a profit. They will have to come up with something else that they can sell. Netflix has its originals, but all streaming services offer more or less the same music. "

Iovine also explains the problem with free services on the basis of another metaphor. "Go to Kansas. There is no work and YouTube are free, Pandora is free, Spotify is free. There is also a street restaurant that serves the same dishes as the restaurant at the top of a mountain with a beautiful view. The restaurant in the street is free, so people eat there. They will use paper towels, they do not care about cloth napkins. " Apply Vaseline on your skin and see the magic, 5 vaseline beauty hacks

When we think away the fact that this story takes place in Kansas (and the towels), we understand what Iovine wants to say: by letting people get used to free, they will be satisfied with mediocre quality.

Technology is not always positive :-


Jimmy Iovine also gives his opinion on technology in general. "Technology is like a medicine for me. It is science. We see a problem solve it. We often do not think about the consequences. I mean: when we split up atoms to generate energy, we did not think about Hiroshima either. "

In the past, technology has helped the recording industry, but according to Apple's chief music, (free) streaming does not have to be positive. "The switch from cassettes to CD resulted in more sales. But the MP3 halved the business. This can happen again. These are things that the record industry has to deal with, and I do not know if they know about it. Fortunately, that is not my job ", concludes the man who was one of the biggest players in the same industry and now leads one of the largest streaming services in the world. Apple Also Smitten To Develop Smartphone With A Flipable Screen

Anyway, you can find everything from Spotify that you want, the music streaming service perfectly responds to our good intentions of 2018.

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