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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Facebook (FB): Village Death and Earthquake Most Discussed

Globally Women's Day, on Instagram #Love is more used

Facebook (FB) :- The death of Paolo Villaggio, the terrorist attacks in Barcelona, the earthquake in Ischia and the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus are among the most discussed topics in Italy in 2017 on Facebook along with the band Link Ink Park, after the singer's death Chester Bennington. On Instagram, another platform of the Zuckerberg universe, the most used hashtag is confirmed #Love. Facebook Opens To 'Under 13' The Messenger Kids App Arrives


Globally, on Facebook, the three most discussed moments of the year were International Women's Day (more than 165 million people have generated over 430 million interactions worldwide); the Super Bowl 51 (262 million views, 64 million people generated over 240 million interactions); the Las Vegas attack that "pushed over 3,300 people worldwide to offer help through the Emergency Services on Facebook". Facebook, Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Suicides

Returning to our country, Italians have created satirical events to respond to news stories. Among these the most participated were the Winter Olympics in Toritto 2017, a charming town in the province of Bari, snowed last January, more than the Nordic Turin. On Instagram among the posts with more like, there is Beyoncé announcing her second pregnancy; the most followed celebrities are Selena Gomez (130 million followers), Cristiano Ronaldo (116 million), Ariana Grande (115 million). In the posido of the most popular places of 2017 there are Disneyland, California, Times Square and Central Park in New York. Among the most 'Instagram med' cities New York, London, Moscow. In both these classifications Italy is missing. Twitter, in 2017 #Rigopiano Among The Most Popular Hashtags

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