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Monday, 4 December 2017

Facebook Opens To 'Under 13' The Messenger Kids App Arrives

Only in the US, you enter the chat with the parent account

Rome - Facebook opens for the first time in the 'under 13' which as a rule cannot attend the social network. The platform opens its chat to children with the launch of a new dedicated application called Messenger KidsHow to Easily Change Voice Messages into Text in WhatsApp


The new app, reassures the company, does not require a Facebook account of the children but is used through the account on the parents' social network. In short, it will be mom and dad who authorize the use of Messenger Kids and decide which contacts their children can exchange messages and start chat.

The novelty for now starts in the United States, a preview for some groups of users and only for iPhone and iPad. The social thinks, however, to bring the application soon also on Android and Amazon devices, while there are no details on the debut outside the US. Google celebrates 50th Anniversary Language Programming Language

Messenger Kids will be topped with emojis and stickers designed for the little ones and, underlines Facebook, does not include advertising, nor the possibility to make purchases. The move follows the growing attention of digital platforms to children, with outcomes that are not always positive. YouTube, for example, has launched a separate service for children and is in the storm for cases of videos with violent, inappropriate content and obscene comments to movies with children

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