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Monday, 4 December 2017

How to Easily Change Voice Messages into Text in WhatsApp - Do you want to change your voice mail in WhatsApp into easy-to-read text? Well, with the simple trick below you can directly read the voice mail as a text message with the help of an application called Transcriber for WhatsApp. So, from now on you no longer need to install earphones if someone sends a voice message while chatting in WA. WhatsApp, To Record Voice Messages Will No Longer Need to Press Your Finger


WhatsApp is becoming the most popular app today for smartphone users worldwide and claims to have more than 1 billion users.

WA applications increasingly pamper their users by continuing to bring new features that are useful to help clients communicate better. Among these features, is the ability to send voicemail when it is felt that a difficulty time to type. Good News Whats App Will Soon Play YouTube Video in Chat

How do I convert a voice message to text on WhatsApp?

First, download the 'Transcriber for WhatsApp' app by visiting the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Then open the app and you will see a welcome page and some hints on how it works.

After that will be faced with the application settings page which is the only screen. Here you can change the settings as needed. Google celebrates 50th Anniversary Language Programming Language

You can select options such as the language settings you want to have the voice messages converted later. In addition, this option will also detect the default language, conversion quality, etc.

Then to test the application running or not, go to WhatsApp and highlight it to the chatt or chat section that has a voice message that will be changed to text. Samsung Is Rumored to Be Launching Galaxy S9 Mini in March 2018

Next tap or tap and hold voice mail then touch the share icon at the top, from here select Transcriber from the options list. The Transcriber app will convert voice messages into easy-to-read text.

Additionally, if you enable the quick launch feature in app settings, you can turn voice messages into text just by tapping the play button on your voicemail.

Currently, Transcriber supports several popular languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, and several other foreign languages such as Dutch, Portuguese, etc. And support for more languages allegedly will be added as soon as the user needs.

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