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Monday, 4 December 2017

How to lose 2 Kilos Weight in a Day

It sounds very tempting: lose two kilos in a day! You feel uncomfortable right now in your body or you would like something slimmer for that party or job application tomorrow. Your favorite dress is already hanging on the cupboard. Now only that centimetertje from your waist and thighs off, to come across as beneficial as possible in your dress. Do you want to know how you do that? Then read on. Fast Lose Weight Belly: 15 Tips and Trick for Fast Belly Fat Burn


Guilt :-

Well, you knew weeks before that the party or the application was about to come. And no, those little fat did not appear yesterday. You had been planning for a while to pay more attention to your food and to do more exercise. But something always came along. A year-old colleague who treated to delicious Bossche bulbs, the gym that was closed due to a renovation. 7 tips: 10 pounds in 5 weeks (without sports)

Regret as hair on your head but nothing more to do: you simply can not step into a magical time machine to travel a few weeks back in time. Fortunately, it is possible: two kilos in one day. It takes some effort and you will not escape a feeling of hunger, but it is possible. There are even different methods to lose a few kilos of weight within a day. We describe the two best ones. In the first you only pay attention to your diet, in the second you also see a bit of movement around the corner. The Best Diet Program for Weight Loss

Method 1 :-

With this method, a feeling of hunger is almost inevitable, but because you have little time, this is a good, quick way to lose weight that can easily be combined with your daily activities. You keep drinking water all day long and also eat an absolute minimum. The weight you lose is mainly moisture. An example of such a day diet is: Quick Weight Loss: 6 Simple Tips That Work 100% Sure


  • Drink a glass of water every hour
  • Breakfast: yoghurt and cup of tea
  • In between: piece of fruit
  • Lunch: yoghurt dish and two cups of tea
  • In between: piece of fruit
  • Dinner: yoghurt dish and two cups of tea

Method 2 :-

With this method you set yourself the goal to get a maximum of 1200 calories that day. If you come below this number, you give your body too little nutrients to get through the day. Try to extract the majority of the calories from vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are stored less quickly as fat because they are digested more slowly in the body. Examples of these complex carbohydrates are rice, cereals, potatoes, wholemeal bread and couscous. Fast Weight Loss Belly? Burn 1/2 Kg of Belly Fat Every Week (OMG)

Divide your calories preferably about five small meals that day. Do not eat fruit or meat this day. Fruit often contains a lot of sugar and your body takes too long to digest it. With this method, pay attention to how much salt you get. Salt causes your body to retain moisture, which in turn can result in a bloated stomach.

In addition to all these rules, it is important to do an hour of cardio exercises that day. Think of swimming, cycling or running. It is important that your heart rate goes up and that you start to sweat. Through the sweating you lose fluid, and therefore weight. Keep drinking enough water during the day, at least a liter and a half. The water not only helps to reduce hunger, it also ensures that your body can dispose of unnecessary salts. Lose Weight-2 Healthy Lunchbox Lunch Take to School Work  

Conclusion :-

Which of the two methods you have chosen: you fit into your dress or pants again. Promise yourself that this was a one-time action and that you will really start the day after tomorrow with a healthier lifestyle and a good diet. The weight you have lost today will soon recover. After all, you have only lost moisture and no excess fat. If you try these methods more often than your body will go into the low-energy mode, so you will arrive sooner than before when you start eating normally again.

So enjoy your party or success with your application, but from now on you prefer to take the stairs more often and say no more often to those delicious Bossche spheres.

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