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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Instagram to now Will show ‘recommended posts’ in home feed

A few weeks ago there was a report that said if Instagram was testing a new feature that would soon be applied to its application. The new feature is to display recommended posts into the user's timeline and it appears that the feature is actually presented by the company. Live Streaming on Instagram Now Can Use Face Filter


According to TechCrunch reports, the feature is immediately launched by the company for users and should be able to see if you enable Instagram apps. Prior to this feature, users had to open the Explore tab, where later the tab will display photos and videos liked by most followers or following users. WhatsApp Stops Supporting BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 

Well this new feature is basically working secam it, but the difference this time directly appear in the user's timeline. If the recommended posts match the interests of users, this will make it easier for users to find posts they like and other accounts to follow.


However some users may assume that this feature slightly interferes with their Instagram experience because not all recommended posts match the user's interest. But according to Instagram, they say that the recommended content is usually displayed after you see the post in your feed, which means that it should not interfere with your experience. WhatsApp Stops Supporting Windows Phone and Blackberry OS by the End of 2018

Unfortunately, there is no way for users to opt out of this new feature because it will be enabled by default. This can also be seen on Twitter, where some users are not too happy with the existence of such features on Twitter. Hopefully new features in Instagram is not so disturbing the user as well as on Twitter.

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