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Monday, 11 December 2017

iPhone 8 and iPhone X Will Be Officially Sold In Indonesia On December 22nd

When Apple launched the iPhone X last September, this smartphone managed to seize the attention and after going on sale in the market also get a good response. Some countries can already buy the iPhone X, but the Indonesian market has not got this smartphone officially. The good news, Apple fans in Indonesia will soon get the iPhone XSamsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) It Reveals the Design Will Be Carried


But not only iPhone X will arrive in Indonesia, but also duo iPhone 8 and 8 Plus which will be officially launched on 22 December. As usual, all three new iPhone will be sold by Erajaya retail network, such as iBox, Erafone, and Urban Republic. Apple, in 2018 we could see a low-cost iPad

Although the launch date of the third new iPhone has been disclosed by Djatmiko Wardoyo, as Marketing and Communications Director of Erajaya Group through press release, but he is still reluctant to mention how much the price is priced for each new generation iPhone. So, now we can only see the price of the country of origin, where the iPhone X priced at USD 999 (Rp13 million), and keep in mind that the price if entered into the Indonesian market excluding taxes, distribution fees, promotions and others. Facebook (FB): Village Death and Earthquake Most Discussed

Then what about TKDN? As we know, the government of Indonesia has applied the rules of Domestic Component (Domestic Component Level) of 30% for devices using 4G LTE network. While the iPhone X itself has met the number, and Apple Indonesia's own website has also featured iPhone X and iPhone 8 duo since some time ago, and now Apple has displayed information if the smartphone will be available December 22 next.

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