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Friday, 1 December 2017

Knowing the benefits of Tooth Paste will remain unchanged

Mix the Tooth Paste in the juice of lemon and make it pack on the face and leave the face with cold water on drying. By doing so, the colors are white, when the wrinkles happen, and the dark circles also disappear. 

tooth paste benefits

If you face a face, while sleeping at night, put a Tooth Paste on the acne and leave the face with cold water in the morning. Tooth Paste makes it sweet and also absorbs the excess oil of the skin.

Apply a paste on the finger and massage the face with a light hot water by massaging it at the place of the block heads, thus blocking the head of the block by doing it 3 times a week.

After the ink or lipstick stains on the fabric, place the Tooth Paste on the stained place and keep it for 5 minutes and wash it lightly after 5 minutes.

Applying Tooth Paste on the burn part of the skin reduces the irritation of the skin and also does not cause blisters on the skin. 

Keeping a cup of tea on the glass table will make the table clear after giving a Tooth Paste and lightly rubbing it with some cloth.

By tapping the silver utensils and Jewelery with a Tooth Paste, the Jewelery of woolen utensils starts shining and shines away.

When the smell of milk utensil or bottle of children's milk is dissolved, the Tooth Paste in the water dissolves by scavenging the utensils.

If the child has any kind of marks or spots on the walls, clean the spots with Tooth Paste, the spots disappear, and the color of the walls is not too bad.

To polish the nails, apply a Tooth Paste and massage the nails for a while, the nail shine comes back.
If the house is dim or dirty, with a Tooth Paste, rubbing it with cloth makes the mirror clean and the blurry also goes away.

In the morning urine, add 1 teaspoon white Tooth Paste and stir well, if it is foam or color clouds it is a sign of positive pregnancy.

The Tooth Paste can be dissolved in water and can make Menicure and Paddicure at home.

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