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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

OPPO A83 when the sale

OPPO A83 when the sale? Recently, OPPO official website low profile on the new machine OPPO A83, the aircraft uses a full screen design, positioning thousand-level. So when the aircraft will be on sale? Why Did Not OPPO A83 Fingerprint Recognition


Product Features :-

OPPO A83 equipped with a 5.7-inch 18: 9 full screen, a resolution of 720 × 1440, clarity a little bit regrettable.

It is noteworthy that, OPPO A83 and R11s also support facial recognition function, the official claiming that the camera through the camera to capture facial 128 feature points, unlocking speed as fast as 0.18 seconds. Oppo A83 is supposed to replace fingerprint scanning

Appearance, the machine uses a "waistline" design, the back of the curve to join feel better. Rear 13 million pixel main camera, front 8 million pixel Selfie camera.

When to sell :-

The machine has a champagne gold and black models, priced at 1399 yuan, the official said it will be at 12 o'clock on the December 29 sale.

To sum up :-

OPPO A83 aircraft with a full screen design, positioning thousands of dollars, or have a certain price, but also has facial recognition, want to start friends should pay attention to Oh! OPPO A83 is Official: Without Fingerprint Scanner for Face Unlock

The above is the small series for everyone finishing OPPO A83 when the sale of all the content, more intelligent information, concerned about the smart home

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