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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Samsung W2018 Leaked: High-End Folding Phone With Specifications Galaxy S8

Samsung's plans for a foldable smartphone are a hot topic in smartphone country. Some smaller manufacturers have already released experimental devices, but a tech giant like Samsung can make a collapsible future a mainstream in one fell swoop. Consider, for example, what Pokémon Go has meant for augmented reality. Now the Samsung W2018 is also leakedMicromax Launch Bharat-1, Mi MIX 2 of the First Sale, Moto X4 India Launch Date


The Korean manufacturer has already confirmed that it will release a folding device next year, provided that no unforeseen obstacles arise. Rumors indicate an exclusive and limited production, while others hint at a large-scale new series. In any case, 2018 will be a very interesting year.

Before that happens, Samsung comes with another foldable flagship. At least, technically. Meet the Samsung W2018, an old-fashioned folding phone with the specifications of a high-end device. Not exactly the innovation you might be waiting for, but that does not mean that there is apparently still a market for such models. Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to launch faster, will be announced in January 2018

Samsung W2018: High-End Folding Phone :-

Especially in China, flip-flops remain popular. That is the market that Samsung is focusing on with the W2018. It is a niche that is flooded with low-end models, especially suitable for the elderly, for example. At the end of this year, the Korean manufacturer will take a different approach, with a device that is not inferior to the Galaxy S8 in terms of specifications.

A hands-on video of the Samsung W2018 has been leaked, including specifications. Under the bonnet is the well-known Snapdragon 835, in combination with 6Gb of memory and 64GB of storage memory. The device also has two 4.2-inch AMOLED screens. At the back is a 12MP camera, while selfies with a 5MP camera can be taken. Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to launch faster, will be announced in January 2018?

It remains a bizarre but fascinating idea: a high-end folding phone in the year 2017. Samsung has already started sending invitations for the unveiling, so we'll know more soon. Unfortunately, it will probably stay with China in a launch, so for the time being we should continue to do it with these kinds of videos.

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