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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Spotify Announces New Interface for Android Application

It turns out that Spotify will have a new interface with the Android app's update. The new leaked interface looks pretty stylish. If you are using Spotify, the world-renowned online music service, on your Android device, we are sure you'll be happy for you. The big music service is currently testing a new application interface for Spotify Android appSpotify's Android Application's New Interface, Our Face is Smiling


According to the report, some of these changes have been noticed by many users. These changes include the new three-tabbed layout, simpler lists, larger UI icons, and more emphasis on colors.

At first glance, the screen is now quite simple and looks like a nice design. We do not know which of these changes Spotify has tested for a long time is the best for the users. Some users are very satisfied with the emerging new interface, while at least some users like the old familiar user interface more.


One of the new upcoming changes is the search option, which is now better and offers a better user experience. The new layout will make it easier for you to search and make your work faster. The layout of the navigation tab at the bottom of the application has also changed. Spotify For Android Is Testing a New Interface

The page where you have your playlists and the page you liked are among the new interface changes. Texts are more specific and larger, lists are simpler, and more important buttons such as 'Create Playlist' or 'Add More' are now more visible.


Along with these main changes, the application's home page also underwent interface changes. The settings and profile button now appear at the top. In general, this new user interface change makes it easier to navigate the bigger icons and make the application easier to use with fewer buttons.

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