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Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Yogurt Diet: Advantages and Disadvantages + Schedule

A striking diet form is slimming by means of yogurt. This so-called yoghurt diet is sometimes praised as effective and relatively easy. But is this also true? The weight you lose with such a diet obviously differs greatly and depends on the schedule you follow. Read more about the yogurt diet below, including an example of a schedule. Learn These 8 Importance of Yoga Techniques Better Health Effects


What does a yogurt diet do for your body? :-

The theory behind the yogurt diet is as follows. By following a yogurt diet you can lose more fat than if you follow a normal diet. That extra fat loss can amount to as much as 20%. This is due, among other things, to the calcium contained in the yogurt, which ensures a higher combustion in the cells. In addition, calcium would ensure that less fat is stored in your body at first. Note: this effect of calcium is not scientifically proven. An Orange Flavored "Medicine", So Eat to Maximize the Medicinal Value

It does have a consequence that you are taking fewer carbohydrates. Because you get fewer sugars (fast carbohydrates), your body will start looking for a replacement within a day. This problem is then solved by converting all the fat in your body into energy. This way the fat disappears, and you become slimmer. How should you lose weight as a child?

Criticisms and disadvantages of the yogurt diet :-

This diet not only has advantages but also disadvantages. When you eat about 2 liters of yogurt every day, this is of course no longer tasty. So no matter how delicious you like yogurt, this of course changes quickly when yogurt is the only thing you still eat. So do not underestimate this with the diet! Like to Pay Attention to Oranges, And Now I Know Too Late

In the yogurt there are almost no sugars, so you will certainly feel weak and weak during the first few days because your body has to get used to it. But in this, this diet does not differ much from other crash diets. This diet is certainly not suitable for the longer term because you can build up a shortage of important nutrients. Because you lose a lot of nutrients because of this diet, you may feel sick. It is therefore quite difficult to maintain this diet.

What does the yogurt diet look like? :-

You alternate normal days with yogurt days. With such a normal day, it is of course important that you also stick to a low calorie diet. You can eat three bowls of yogurt of about 200 ml, three pieces of fruit, an egg, three times broth, three sandwiches with lean toppings and in the evening you can eat a thin piece of meat with 200 grams of potatoes and 200 grams of vegetables. One orange = five herbs, do you know how to use it?

On a yogurt day you eat two liters of yogurt, if you start to feel dizzy then you can eat a little bit of grape sugar such as a dextro. You never have to eat more yogurt than necessary, so you can also eat less than two liters of yogurt but prefer not to eat more.

Sample schedule of the yogurt diet :-

Different types of weekly schedules are possible with this diet. Below is an example of such a scheme for the yogurt method. In this example you always alternate a normal "dinner" with a day in which you only consume yogurt. The effect is present, but there is also variation within the week. You also need to drink enough water or tea every day.  Quick Weight Loss: 6 Simple Tips That Work 100% Sure

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday :-

2 liters of low-fat yoghurt spread over the day. In case of dizziness, you may take grape sugar such as a dextro. Bread Replacement : 5 X Lunch / Breakfast Idea Without Sandwiches

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday :-

  • Three dishes of yogurt 
  • An egg 
  • Three whole-grain sandwiches with a thin layer of bread 
  • Three pieces of fruit 
  • A piece of lean meat or fish, 200 grap vegetables and 200 grams of potatoes 
  • Drink stock three times
This schedule is for 1 week, per week it is good to alternate sufficiently. 

Use as a long-term diet :-

The yoghurt diet can be used in a longer term form. For example, you can choose to eat healthy six days a week and to alternate with one yogurt day. Then you still get the necessary nutrients through the six days that you follow the diet but you fall off anyway. A diet in which you have several yogurt days in one week you better not stay longer than four weeks. This diet really falls under a crash diet, you will lose a lot within a short time. Unfortunately, it is often the case that after such a diet you fall back into your old habits and that those kilos quickly recover. It is therefore important to prevent this so-called yo-yo effect. Slow Food - 4 Tips to Slow Down Your Meal

Different types of yogurt :-

It is important that you choose the right yogurt for this diet. There are many different types of yogurt and sugars are added in many types. These are therefore not suitable. This is usually the yoghurt with a taste, such as fruit yoghurt. You can also choose between yoghurt and cottage cheese. In principle, this does not matter much, but pay attention to the added sugars. As an alternative to yogurt, you can also try another dairy such as kefir. Lose Weight-2 Healthy Lunchbox Lunch Take to School Work

Watch out for a crash diet :-

This diet is a crash diet. This means that you can quickly lose weight in a short period of time. Crash diets are often difficult to sustain and very monotonous. In addition, many crash diets are harmful to health. The crash diets are meant to lose as much as possible as quickly as possible when this is necessary for an operation or when someone is suffering from severe obesity. Unfortunately, more and more people who do not need to lose weight as much as possible and also lose weight are also on a crash diet. 

The yogurt diet is a diet that alternates so-called yogurt days with days where you can eat other things than yogurt. In general, this is a very heavy diet which is very difficult to maintain. The yogurt diet can not cause any damage until about four weeks, but afterwards it can be harmful to your health as you can get a deficiency of important nutrients. To structurally slim down, other waste methods are therefore more recommended. 

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