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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Update iOS 11.2.1 Apple Closes Important Vulnerability

Apple users now have a new software update available. Not only users of the home app benefit from the update iOS 11.2.1, it says. Apple closes the next security hole. The new iOS 11.2.1 update is now available to users. A vulnerability made it possible to access third-party smart home devices and thus operate door locks or garage door openers. Apple brings public beta from iOS 11.2.5 and tvOS 11.2.5  


After becoming aware of the vulnerability, Apple responded immediately and blocked the remote access. For its update, the group itself writes: "iOS 11.2.1 includes bug fixes and fixes, among other things, a problem in which remote access was disabled for common users of the home app."

Already the eighth update of iOS11 :-

But not only for home kit users, the update is interesting, reports the website "Macrumors". Accordingly, with the software update 11.2.1. In addition, camera issues have been resolved. Some users complained that some iPhone cameras had difficulty focusing. iOS 11.2.1 is already the eighth official update since the release of iOS 11, according to ntv. Spotify's Android Application's New Interface, Our Face is Smiling

If you want to install the new update, go to Settings on your iPhone and tap on General, then on software updates and start the installation process from there.

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