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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Why Did Not OPPO A83 Fingerprint Recognition

OPPO A83 Why no fingerprint? OPPO A83 Whether the front or back are not equipped with fingerprint recognition, then what will be used to identify it, follow Xiaomi together to see it!

OPPO R11s popular hot rave reviews, OPPO recently plans to launch a new model OPPO A83, from the configuration point of view should be a main cost-effective products, but interesting is that from the official website of this A83 Whether the front or back are not equipped with fingerprinting, then only one case, the OPPO A83 facial recognition to replace the traditional fingerprint to unlock. OPPO A83 is Official: Without Fingerprint Scanner for Face Unlock


OPPO A83 face recognition principle :-

A83 will face the moment the cell phone screen lights up, its powerful front camera quickly and intelligently collected 128 features of the main face of the node, and then will record a three-dimensional picture, and then by analyzing the user's biometric accuracy The process of quickly feeding camera imaging information back to the phase AI database may seem tedious, but in fact, 0.08 seconds from recognition to unlocking is fast. Oppo A83 is supposed to replace fingerprint scanning

OPPO A83 face recognition experience better :-

If "I just want to see the time, you are unlocked?", This scenario do not have to worry about, OPPO phone already considered this aspect. Find the "unlock screen when the screen is bright" in the cellphone's facial recognition system setup and turn off the switch to avoid these embarrassing things. After closing, when we light up the phone screen to see a notice or time and other operations, it will not accidentally unlock, and only when you slide into the password interface will trigger facial recognition.

To sum up :-

It can be said, whether it is from the user experience, or privacy of mobile phones, the performance of this OPPO A83 also, facial recognition as a new way to unlock, enough to replace the traditional fingerprint recognition, to become the next cell phone Standard, OPPO has also been in the front.

The above is a small make up for everyone OPPO A83 why there is no fingerprint identification of all,

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