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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

YouTube, 10 thousand auditors against hate speech by 2018

Ceo Wojcicki, we want to stay one step ahead of bad guys. YouTube intensifies efforts against hate speech, extremist content, to protect users, especially younger ones, and companies that invest in advertising on the platform and announces more human reviewers to join artificial intelligence systems. YouTube Unveils New Feature Similar Story Named "Reels"

"They remain essential to remove content and train software, we will continue to significantly grow our team with the goal of bringing to more than 10,000 in 2018 the total number of people working at Google to target content that may violate our standards ", explains Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube in a post.

"Our goal - he adds - is to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, making it harder for content that violates the rules to be shown or remain on YouTube." A similar move was taken a few months ago by Facebook, which hired 3 thousand reviewers to monitor inappropriate videos. In 2018 will be presented the 9.7 "iPad the cheapest ever?

"Since June - underlines the CEO of YouTube - our teams have manually reviewed about 2 million videos with violent extremist content, helping to train our machine learning technology to identify similar videos in the future. We are also taking very strict measures on comments, launching new tools for moderation and in some cases removing them altogether ". The YouTube Video Scandal Alarms Advertisers

The video platform manager also explains that they are working closely with "child safety organizations around the world to report sexual predators' behaviors and accounts" and are taking "steps to protect advertisers and creators from inappropriate content ". These last two initiatives refer to cases of "fake" videos and inappropriate content for children and to cases of advertising coupled with inappropriate videos that have contributed to the flight of numerous international brands. Apple, in 2018 we could see a low-cost iPad

"We are taking these actions because it is the right thing to do - concludes Susan Wojcicki - As the challenges for our platform evolve and change, the methods of intervention will have to evolve to respond in the best possible way. to protect our community and make sure YouTube continues to be a place where creators, advertisers and users can grow. "

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