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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

4 valuable tips for more views on YouTube

There are almost countless platforms on which you can spread your explanatory video. Possible channels include, for example, your own homepage, landing pages and, of course, video portals, which are the subject of today's article.

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world, at the latest this fact should move you to use this platform. When uploading a video, however, a few things should be considered in order to reach as many views as possible. After all, among tons of video footage, it's not easy to quickly get too high click counts.


In this article, we'd like to introduce 4 tips to get you more views on YouTube.

1. Make a high quality explanatory video :-

The first tip may be obvious, but it is the absolute basis to keep in mind. Especially on YouTube, the volume uploaded every minute has increased more than thirtyfold over the past 8 years. As you can read in this statistic, in 2007, 8 hours of new video content was uploaded per minute.

In 2014, there were already 300 hours of new video footage per minute. The fact that this value has already risen again in the new year is shown by the curve alone, which has just risen once again from 2013 to 2014 by 300%. But what does that mean? Videos with a volume of 300 hours per minute are already 18,000 hours per hour and 432,000 hours a day.
A person who turns 80 years old and watches 12 hours of YouTube videos every day would not even be able to fully view a full 2014 upload tag during his lifetime. Of course, of what is uploaded daily to YouTube, only a small percentage is relevant to us at all.

With these masses of uploads, however, it is often not easy to find just those relevant content. At least now you should understand why it is so important that your uploaded explanatory video should be absolutely high quality.

After all, a viewer who stumbles across your video seldom knows in advance if it's relevant to him. If your film seems unprofessional or amateurish at first glance, your video has less chance of being clicked.

2. Your video must be found :-

Of course, another problem arises from the example just mentioned: In the data jungle, which is growing immensely every day on YouTube, your explanatory video will only be found if you have optimized it with regard to all imaginable search queries.

Especially if your company name or your brand does not have a particularly high profile, a title like "company name video" will probably not be able to provide more views on YouTube.

Put yourself in the position of a spectator. What does he want to see? Because you have made a movie, you can expect to offer a specific product or service that meets your specific needs. What searches could someone from your potential audience launch on Google or YouTube? Be sure to choose an accurate name for your video.
A strong title should contain important keywords, but not too long. At the same time, he must make the viewer curious and commit in a way to a promise to click. This optimization of your video may take some time, but you should definitely take this necessary time.

After all, a professionally created video has little use if nobody sees it. For a high-quality video, you also need to invest time and money. Why then land a quick shot at the titling?

However, to really be found, you not only need the special title, but you also need to take additional, search engine optimized measures. This includes adding a meaningful description for the video that captures the keyword from the title and extends the user's promise.

You also have the option on YouTube, besides the main keyword also other keywords, the so-called "Tags" set. Only when you carefully fill in all that is relevant will the explainer film have a chance to rank high on search queries on YouTube, or even appear directly on general Google searches on this topic.

There is a lot of potential here to boost your views and set you apart from the competition.

3. Share the video yourself :-

To get more views on YouTube, you should also share the video on all the channels that are available to you. You should not wait too long.

After uploading a relevant video to YouTube, do not hesitate and get your networks going. E-mail campaigns and newsletters, social networks, blogs and websites are recommended for this purpose.

E-mails :-
Nearly no company today still comes without newsletters. The fact that the inclusion of explanatory videos here can unbelievably increase your conversion rate has recently been highlighted in another article. You can also send the video to your mailing list without a newsletter.

A well-placed call-to-action in the explanatory film encourages your viewers to send the video itself to their own e-mail distribution list.

Of course, even with newsletters, a profitable interaction arises. On the one hand, integrating videos into newsletters paves the following text to better read and actually read, and on the other hand, the explanatory film also receives more clicks.
Social networks :
Once you've posted a new video on YouTube, you should always share it on your social media channels. A striking post on Facebook, which already includes the user promise, as well as a brief tweet that points to the video, can generate attention.

Viewers who find your video particularly helpful can share the video with their own friends and networks with a simple click. We also found out that a strong tendency to share content (especially videos) can be observed in us humans in an article worth reading.

At this point, we also explain the psychological component behind this trend.

Blogs and websites :-
If you already have a blog and a website that already has traffic, you should always embed and link new videos to it. After all, these pages are likely to be primarily visited by people who have already established a connection to your company and for whom the video is therefore quite relevant.

If you have not set up a website to promote your videos, it may also be a good idea to contact major blogs and websites where your video might fit into the content. A try is definitely worth it.

In fact, if your video is shared there (you may be able to offer a backlink in your description on YouTube), you can increase the click-through rate of your video.

4. Build your links :-

That backlinks from sites with high-quality content and good Google ranking are also extremely conducive to your own visibility in search engines, most of them are already known. That way, you can just as easily get more views on YouTube.

There are basically two options. On the one hand, you are contacting website and blog operators who serve the same target group, thus forming partnerships. On the other hand, you should also expand your own internal links.
This is particularly true if you are not just offering a video, but have your own YouTube channel with multiple videos. With simple means you can also link different videos together. Here you should design these links as interactive as possible for the viewer.

For example, at the end of the video, you can see two excerpts of other top-level videos from your channel in the split screen. You can then post-edit and make them clickable on your YouTube channel so that viewers can search for the next video with almost no effort after they watch a video without searching or crawling your channel.

If you have interesting and high-quality videos in your channel for the most diverse subject areas, then videos also get additional clicks that the viewer originally did not even look for.

Conclusion - Get more views on YouTube
To get more views on YouTube, there are many ways and means. In this article, we have given you 4 tips that you should definitely implement.

After all, given the minute-by-minute increase in video on YouTube, there's nothing easier than sinking into Videonirwana unseen. Especially with explanatory videos, it would be very annoying if you did not fully exploit your possibilities in this channel.

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