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Monday, 22 January 2018

Tech News, Even What'sapp was invented

How to start Watsap, a giant popular messaging service with 130 million active users worldwide. The company's CEO, co-founder, Joan Kom, made it clear that the idea of ​​launching this app will be launched. Callse missed, Watsap He said. In the gym, the missed calls came to the idea of ​​inventing Watsap, he said in a Mountain View event in California with hundreds of Silicon Valley giants.


He said he repeatedly lost calls while he was at the gym, which caused a lot of anger. Brian Aarton said that in 2009 he decided to create an app to verify this problem. We did not want to start a business, just one to help people We just wanted to produce the product, "he said, although Apple App Store approved the app, it was not a successful night, but he recalled that it was not used from nobody at the beginning.

But despite having earned over 400 million users in 2014, the same year Facebook bought this app for a record of $ 19 billion. The co-founders said they were the nightmare nightmare. This agreement is a reminder of the deal. Last year, Brian had left the company and claimed to have lost a lot.

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