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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Released February 9th

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a mobile version of games available on consoles and PCs, seems to be releasing in the near future. According to the App Store list, the game can be played on iOS devices on February 9th.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Released

The game also appeared on Google Play in August last year. Although not mentioned when the game will be released, you can register to find out the release date of the game Final Fantasy, as mentioned by Engadget.

The mobile version of Final Fantasy XV resembles games for consoles and PCs. So far, Square Enix is ​​very aggressive to do marketing from Final Fantasy XV by issuing a variety of branded products, ranging from smartphones to Audi R8 cars.

Many people are skeptical of the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV. However, according to Engadget, who had tried it in Gamescom last year, the game was quite fun to play.

The reason, the game uses the same characters, mechanisms and battles with the original game.

Pocket Edition is developed with a simpler character design so that the game will also be playable on devices with too high specifications. At the same time, the character design of Final Fantasy XV looks pretty cute.

One thing to remember, it is still unknown when the official release date of the Fantaxy XV Pocket Edition Final. According to the game site, you can buy all game chapter worth USD20 (Rp268 thousand).

If you want to buy 10 chapters separately, you can play the first chapter for free. The next two chapters are priced USD1 (Rp13 thousand) per chapter. While chapter three and so on valued USD4 (Rp54 thousand).

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