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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Google Play Books Expands In 45 Countries And Increases Prices

Google Play Books app :- In India it will not be too easy to listen to audiobooks in the Google Play Books catalog, prohibitive prices year hope for the coming of Amazon Audible. Google does not miss a beat and launches its Play Books section in 45 countries, adding nine languages ​​to its catalog. Titles can be heard in the Google Play Books app on Android, iOS and desktop, as well as on devices like Google Home, which means that you do not need a phone to listen to audiobooks. A wonderful news for lovers of reading who have no way, or time, to read paper editions, pity that it is necessary to do accounts in the pockets to all the countries involved before knowing if it will really be a revolution.

Google vs Amazon :-

This move by Google could put it in a position of competition with the giant Amazon and its Audible service, which is also based on the reproduction of audiobooks. The two, however, are completely different from each other, where Audible offers a subscription service (with the first 30 free days) and the ability to listen to all 13,000 titles in the catalog, Google instead gives the user the ability to buy only the titles that interest him, just like in a multimedia library. No binding monthly subscription, just the freedom to choose and pay only for what you really want.

The case of prices in India :-

Unfortunately, a comparison like this can be done here by us, using our currency and thinking about how much we could save by comparing the cost of the audiobook with that of the paper book. In India instead a real case broke out linked to Google Play Books, some users have found audiobooks at exorbitant prices. For example, Gregory David Roberts Shantaram's novel currently costs 1,300 Rupees, which equates to as much as $ 20, compared to the paper edition of Amazon India which costs 356 Rupees, $ 5.60. In the meantime, Amazon should soon bring Audible to India, and I suspect it will probably have the right prices at launch, or at least hopefully do better than Google.
It's nice to finally be able to buy audiobooks, especially in countries that always seem so far away, but it's a shame that for now they seem out of reach for many people.

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