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Friday, 19 January 2018

Leaked Specifications and Features LG G7 Has Been Circulating, Will Have Dual Self-Camera Setup

LG G7 is the next flagship smartphone from this South Korean company, and will also be a major rival Samsung Galaxy S9 which will be launched next month. Recently appeared reports from South Korean media ET News that said if LG G7 will be launched in March 2018 and began to be marketed in April.
The report claims that LG will start mass production of LG G7 in March 2018. As it will arrive in South Korea in April, this will certainly be a one-month retreat from LG G6's release schedule in the past year, as well as slower than the expected launch of the Galaxy S9 will arrive on the market in March. Other reports also claim that the LG G7 will be available in South Korea after 20 April.

If the Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced at the 2018 MWC event, according to one South Korean mobile carrier claims that LG is unlikely to release LG G7 at Mobile World Congress (2018) to be held next month. The company that will launch its flagship smartphone in the event is only Samsung. Hwang Jung-hwan who is a senior in LG Mobile said that the company is not worried about the initial launch of Galaxy S9 and S9 + because the company will focus on G7 differentiation.
The reason for the delay of LG G7 release schedule can be due to the use of Snapdragon 845 chipset, where the initial supply of this flagship chipset is already booked Samsung for Galaxy S9 and S9 +. While LG G6 which slid last year succumb not to use Snapdragon 835, but Snapdragon 820 which is the previous year's flagship chipset.
According to rumors that have been circulating previously, LG G7 will likely carry FullVision OLED screen which is also used by LG V30. In addition to Snapdragon 845, this smartphone will also carry 6GB of RAM. Features that will be carried this smartphone include self-camera dual setup, iris scanner, and IP68 certification. Even the latest rumors also claim that this smartphone will feature Quick Charge 4.

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