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Monday, 22 January 2018

MicroSD 512 GB Giant Capacity Comes No Longer

So far the capacity of smartphones or mobile devices has been increasing, where the internal capacity of 32 GB sotrage and 64 GB have started commonly and can still be coupled with a microSD that usually reaches 128 GB.

MicroSD 512 GB

Soon the storage capacity of your smartphone or mobile device can increase and approach the capacity of desktop devices with the latest microSD products that offer 512 GB capacity! So for those of you who like to add photographic files, songs or videos on the smartphone without thinking delete it, then this microSD can meet your needs.

The product from Integral Memory UK (UK) company will launch 512 GB microSD card in February 2018. This card transfer speeds reach 80 MB / s which is not too fast but still adequate for various purposes even recording 4K video.

Not clear the price of this microSD but of course the price tag will not be cheap, considering the price of microSD capacity of 400 GB is still valued at about 250 USD or 3 million dollars more in Amazon.

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