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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Microsoft Acquisition PlayFab, Shoot the Cloud Game Industry

Microsoft has just announced that it has acquired PlayFab, a game service provider connected to the cloud.


Unfortunately, it is unknown the terms of the acquisition. Corporate Vice President of Gaming, Microsoft, Kareem Choudhry said that PlayFab is now part of Microsoft.

PlayFab calls itself "the most complete end platform built for live gaming." They boast can support mobile games, PCs and consoles. Choudhry said that the acquisition will enrich Microsoft's investment in Azure to "provide a world-class cloud platform in the gaming world."

Polygon said, Azure is a global cloud computing platform that relies on data centers to support operations in 42 countries around the world. The platform appeals to gaming companies because of their capabilities and scalability. Prior to this, Azure had been used in Titanfall.

Microsoft's decision to acquire PlayFab in accordance with what CEO Satya Nadella said in a meeting with shareholders recently.

"We are trying to pursue the great opportunities that exist in the gaming market with a value of USD100 billion (Rp1.342 trillion) more," Nadella said in a meeting with shareholders in November.

"This means we will expand our approach to gaming from start to finish, starting with the game and how games are made and distributed and how games are played and watched."

In his blog, PlayFab says they are the backbone of more than 1,200 live games from renowned clients such as Disney, NBC Universal, Wizards of the Coast, Bandai Namco, Rovio and Capcom.

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