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Friday, 26 January 2018

Man hit by train in quest for perfect selfie

New Delhi - Action of selfie tipped back happened again. This time, the event took place in India, when a man named Shiva Kumar intends to take a swafoto on the railroad tracks.
while selfie

Quoted from Indian Express, the incident occurred when Kumar was taking selfie video in the line station Borbanda, India.

He was deliberately taking pictures with the background of the train of MMTS (Multi-Capital Transport System).

However, Kumar did not realize that his location was too close to the railroad tracks. Based on a video released by the local police, it appears that he is already aware of the train coming and even self-self while pointing the train.

From the video, the train technician has also sounded a warning sign, but he ignores it and keeps video recording. In such a short time, Kumar was hit by a train from behind.

"He was not aware of the danger of the condition and ignored the warning from the engineer, and finally he was struck by a train and thrown off the tracks," said police inspector Dasya Naik.

Lucky, the incident did not make his life float and certainly stay safe. Nevertheless, Kumar suffered serious injuries on the right hand, head, and chest.

According to the BBC report, he must undergo a trial and be fined 500 rupees or about Rp 100 thousand.

For information, doing a selfie or taking pictures on a railroad in India is legally prohibited and violators will be punished.

In India alone, the case of selfie tails of death reportedly increased quite sharply. Of the 127 self-inflicted deaths worldwide in March 2014 to September 2016, 76 of these occurred in India.

As a result of the incident, the Minister of Railways and Coal of India, Piyush Goyal also reminded people not to endanger his life to just take a picture on the railroad.

Selfie Action Challenges Death in China

While selfie

Previously, in China also had circulated a video featuring a deadly selfie action of a man named Wu Yongning. He is known as a figure who often perform extreme selfie action.

However, while doing one of his actions, he was in an accident and fell from a building. Quoted from Asia One, this accident is believed to occur on November 8, 2017 in the building as high as 62. However, the new video appeared on the internet on December 10.

Reportedly, an adrenaline junkie with 235,000 followers on the Meipai China site wanted to make a dangerous video and selfie to follow the competition titled rooftop challenge, with prize money of 100,000 yuan or about Rp 204 million.

Working as an extra player in the film, Wu switched professions to the andrenaline lovers who often climbed onto tall buildings. He first uploaded his dangerous sellfie action on the Weibo website in February. 

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