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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Package allows you to use the SFR or Orange networks according to your needs

The MVNO Prixtel offers the possibility of switching from Orange to SFR or vice versa when its subscribers wish. But there is a huge constraint: you will need to change your SIM card.


More and more volatile, consumers do not hesitate to change frequently mobile operator at the option of promotions. Taking advantage of this trend, the virtual operator Prixtel integrates the ability to switch from one network to another in its two packages without commitment: The essential and the complete.

10 dollars the first SIM card change

The MVNO has been resting on the SFR * network. From now on, he also benefits from an agreement with Orange. This allows him to offer both to his clients. When a subscriber opens a contract with Prixtel with one of the packages, he chooses the Orange or SFR * network according to their coverage. But he can then change it.

An excellent idea that still suffers from a very big drawback: You have to order a new SIM card charged 10 dollars the first time and 5 dollars thereafter. And so wait to receive it to switch. This does not greatly simplify the procedure compared to a subscriber who decides to move from one operator to another. The termination of a line and the number portability are already greatly facilitated. But by staying under the Prixtel flag, you spend less time on-line doing the process and you save yourself a change in habits and bill.

This type of offer is promised, however, a bright future with the spread of eSIM cards on smartphones expected in the coming years. 

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