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Saturday, 27 January 2018

PlayStation Plus: The Titles of February At Least?

Sony has not yet announced the list of titles offered to the holders of a PlayStation Plus account in February, but a strange image circulates on the canvas for a few hours, an image presenting a selection of several games ... very promising.


The image in question comes from Reddit and seems to come from the promotional material usually offered by Sony to accompany its monthly selection.

It thus reveals the jackets of three different titles.

PlayStation Plus: the titles offered in February on the run?

In the distance, it is possible to see the visual of That's You, the English-speaking name of Who are you ?, a title available on PlayLink and approaching a lot of a Who is it? The presence of this jacket here is not really a surprise since this game is frequently in the selection of Sony.


The other two jackets are much more interesting on the other hand. The first is in fact that of Dark Souls II Scholar of the first Sin and thus that of the second opus of the famous saga. Extremely rich and complex, the title puts the player in the skin of a damned soul following a quest in a dark and oppressive universe, all with large pieces of RPG in it.
The third jacket is that of Far Cry 4. This time, the presentations are probably no longer necessary and this is normal considering the popularity of the franchise.

A selection that does not lack meaning :-

In the absolute, it would not be surprising that Sony gratifies us with these two titles of exception. Far Cry 5 and Dark Souls Remastered will be released soon and it would be a great way for the Japanese firm to increase the pressure and prepare for the arrival of these two big video-game monuments.

One thing is certain in any case, if this selection is the right one, then Microsoft may have bad. It must be said that the titles offered by the latter in February are far from reaching the ankle of these two games.

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