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Thursday, 25 January 2018

The date of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 finally confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S9  :- Samsung will unveil its smartphone the day before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It should incorporate the new generation of photo sensor manufacturer.


So it's good during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Samsung will present its future high-end model. The invitations were launched by the Korean for February 25, the day before the opening of the show.

In addition to the large number 9 that adorns the visual, it reads "The camera. Reimagined "(The camera, re-imagined). There is no longer any doubt that the Galaxy S9 will be the first model of Samsung to integrate the new generation ISOCELL sensor.


Almost 500 frames / second in video :-

Much finer and smaller than the previous one, this sensor offers a definition of 24 megapixels. We also expect a lot of video functionality capable of capturing up to 480 frames per second.

We know, however, very little about the design of the device and also its price. After the latest inflation of high-end models, Samsung will be tempted to sell his device at a rate as high as that of Apple's iPhone X. Answer end of February.

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