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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones under 200 dollars (January 2018)

They have big screens, offer satisfactory performance, and are now within reach of all budgets. Cheap 4G smartphones remain stars in 2018. Here are the top ten.

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones
The wave of low cost has not spared 4G smartphones! Good for consumers who, more and more numerous, have chosen a very broadband offer without commitment. Without commitment, and therefore without subsidized mobile. The main operators offer indeed unlimited 4G plans of this type, from € 20 per month (or much less for occasional offers), but without any smartphone to the key. Hence the interest of getting a model at lower cost ...

We selected the top 10 4G smartphones tested by the editors and whose price does not exceed 200 dollars. Some brands do not hesitate to offer models under the 100 dollars mark but a very low price is only possible to the detriment of certain performances: an autonomy often reduced to nothing, a mediocre photo sensor or a screen of bad quality.

When you subscribe to a 4G package, you benefit from a much higher bandwidth than 3G (around 150 Mbps in theory but, in practice, much less with speeds comparable to those of ADSL). To browse the web, play streaming videos or post pictures on social networks, it would be a shame to be restricted in its uses by poor quality components. All smartphones in our selection correctly answer most of these uses.

Smartphones at affordable prices, but powerful
Our ranking mainly includes models between 5 and 5.7 inches (for fans of large format). The screen technology is almost exclusively IPS (except for the Samsung J5), with a display quality that remains globally at the rendezvous. Power side, we are left with more and more models that can play most 3D games even to ignore a high level of detail. These devices are generally showing good (or very good) endurance and finally, photo-video, if the quality does not reach that of high-end smartphones (especially in low light), it remains overall very honest.

10. Honor 5C 

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

Already a little dated, the 5C continues to seduce with its balanced character and a price that has dropped significantly since its launch. Its pleasant design and good ergonomics make us forget the absence of fingerprint sensors.

9. Huawei Y6 Pro

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

Beyond its affordable price, the Y6 Pro convinces with its good endurance. His services and equipment are quite similar to those of his cousin Honor 6A, launched earlier.

8. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

Thanks to a price drop at the majority of retailers, the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) falls below 200 dollars and ranks high. We appreciate it for its beautiful 5.2 inch Amoled screen, its neat finish and solid endurance.

7. Wiko View

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

With full equipment and a big screen of 5.7 inches in 18: 9 format, the View is not lacking in attractions. With a sleek compact design, this smartphone displays overall performance for its good price.

6. Moto G5

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

The last-born of the G family can not impose itself positively against his predecessor the excellent G4 with which he stays neck and neck. Always as affordable, the G5 pleases with its screen, its correct power and especially its reactive interface. It lacks however a better autonomy and a more sophisticated design to convince totally.

5. (ex-aequo) Honor 6A

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

First of the range A to be marketed in France, the Honor 6A keeps its promise: to allow the essentials at a very reduced price. It owes its good place to a good endurance as well as metal finishes very significant for this price.

4. (ex aequo) Archos 50 Sapphire

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

Nice shot that Archos makes with his 50 sapphire. The device is not only one of the most expensive and waterproof models of the moment, but it also has the luxury of being one of the most enduring on the market. Best of all, the quality of display is at the rendezvous!

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

With this model 5.5 inches, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi does not disappoint again, since the Note 4 is on the third step of the podium. Enduring and endowed with a photo, this model with metal case now has 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of RAM, which should improve its operation. At 199.90, it is compatible with all our 4G frequencies.

2. Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

Technically very close to the Redmi 4, the Xiaomi Redmi 4X has an unbeatable value for money and excellent battery life. There is also a nice software interface and a metal design. Slightly less convincing than the Redmi 4, it enjoys a major advantage: it is compatible with all our 4G frequencies.

1. Huawei P8 lite 2017

Top 10: the best 4G smartphones

Launched in early 2017 at 259 dollars, the excellent P8 lite 2017 Huawei falls below 200 dollars. This smartphone with elegant design is not out of the ordinary: beautiful screen, good performance, satisfactory autonomy ... almost all the ingredients are together to the delight of the user. 


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