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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Updated to iOS 10.3, the new features of iPhone are finally known

Updated to iOS 10.3 :- With the beta just released, we now know the new features that will have the iPhone and iPad this spring, including the famous feature that allows to activate or not the slowdown of the processor when the battery is a certain age.


Since yesterday, Apple has released an update to 10.2.5 for the products of its iOS mobile platform (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). In addition to the usual bug fixes improvements, this release supports the new HomePod Smart Speakers that Apple will soon bring to market, however, Siri, the intelligent interface, will only read news on United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Version 10.3 this spring :-

In a few weeks, version 10.3 of iOS that brings us Apple will be quite busy.

There will be the famous function of manual activation of the slowdown of the processor, a function that was secretly installed in an update passed to prevent the unexpected extinction of the iPhone 6 especially.

This time, you will know the residual capacity of your battery in milliamperes compared to that of origin.

Enhanced augmented reality :-

Until today, the ARKit augmented reality software kit could only recognize horizontal surfaces. With the new version 10.3, ARKit will be much better able to decode vertical and irregular surfaces, which will make life easier for developers. Augmented reality is possible on iPhone 6s or newer devices, iPhone SE, iPad 2017 and some iPad Pro.

AirPlay 2 :-

The second-generation AirPlay audio feature will offer to connect your Apple mobile device with Sonos wireless audio systems with the multi-room player.

iMessages :-

Previously, a message deleted on one device was not on the other. This time, a deleted message in iMessages on your iPhone will be deleted in all other devices.

And still other emojis :-

As if there were not enough, there will be other micropictograms to illustrate your messages sent to your friends, as well as these famous and very popular animojis exclusive to iPhone X because of the front camera that Apple uses for facial recognition (Face ID).

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