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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Xiaomi urges Samsung on a smartphone

The Chinese Xiaomi gains ground and in India, according to the world market of smartphones, oozes Samsung becoming the first manufacturer for sales volumes. The overtaking, which took place in the fourth quarter of 2017, is certified by the analysts of Canalys.


The "Apple of China" - so is nicknamed Xiaomi because of mobile phones that resemble those of Apple - has taken away a scepter that held for six years, thanks to deliveries of 8.2 million devices against 7.3 million of the South Korean rival.

In the third quarter, according to analysts, India had surpassed the US becoming the world's second largest market for smartphone sales behind China. Samsung had reported 9.4 million devices shipped in that quarter, while Xiaomi had totaled 9.2 million, triple compared to less than 3 million the previous year.

Overtaking, experts explain, is mainly due to "the inability of Samsung to transform its portfolio of low-cost products." Among the smartphones with a price below 15 thousand rupees ($ 240) Samsung lost market share quarter after quarter in Xiaomi's favor ".

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