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Friday, 2 February 2018

Tech News, Mobile plans with commitment are endangered

73% of consumer subscribers are no longer linked to their operator. A real tidal wave.

Mobile plans with commitment are endangered

Three years ago, the proportion of French people with a non-binding mobile offer became for the first time the majority, reaching just 51%. Today, this mode of consumption has progressed dramatically since it now covers 68.8% of total subscribers and 73.5% of consumer customers. Figures revealed by the Observatory of the mobile services market Arcep Q4 2017 and published this February 1, 2018.

And it is logically that the portability reaches, it also a high level with 2.5 million numbers retained by changing operator.

MVNOs are enjoying renewed interest

Another interesting element, MVNO market share is up slightly: 10.9% in December 2017 against 10.6% in December 2016. These virtual operators who rent their network were however suffering in recent years since the six years ago, low cost offers like Free Mobile, Sosh and red by SFR emerged. Many were bought by integrated operators like Virgin Mobile or merged, like Prixtel who swallowed Zero Forfait.

It is also the first time in a long time that the number of SIM cards for MVNOs has increased: more than 160,000 in one year, which allows them to reach a total of 7.8 million at December 31, 2017. Signs of rebound that are perhaps to the credit of marketing and commercial innovations like the Blu package that allows its users to communicate for free provided they are exposed to advertising.

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