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Friday, 2 February 2018

Dell XPS 13 edition 2018: discover in pictures this beautiful laptop

While tests are already in full swing on this new XPS 13 from Dell, we suggest you wait a little while giving us our first impressions on this machine of exception.

Dell XPS 13 edition 2018, labtop

The Dell XPS 13 vintage 2018 is here! Launched at CES 2018, we had the chance to see him, in his two colors, a few weeks before his official presentation in Las Vegas. Let's specify immediately that only the black / silver version is available at the moment. The white / dew (visible in the video below) will arrive, she, a little later this year. After peeping impatiently and harassing Dell to get his hands on a definitive model, we finally have it in front of our eyes. This is the model sold at around 1330 euros on the Dell website (CNX37001). And we hope that this ultraportable will honor the lineage from which it comes.

If you do not know it, the Dell XPS 13 is the ultraportable flagship of the Texan manufacturer. To put it simply, it's a portable laptop whose dimensions are straddling those of a 11.6 and a 12.1 inches and that embarks ... a 13.3-inch screen. Depending on the version, it can be touch and display a Full HD or 4K image.

Finish the matte coating

Our test model opts for a full HD screen, non touch but the matte coating is not present so far. Ouch! It was one of our favorite options on older versions and Dell no longer offers it on the 2018 series.

Nevertheless, at first glance, the IPS panel seems bright and contrasted to give us satisfaction during our long sessions of movie watching. However, until our probe reaches its verdict, we can not decently make ours.

The finesse is not only good

Finer than the previous version (1.8 against 2 cm skates included), the Dell XPS 13 version 2018 has unfortunately got rid of its connection in full format. Exit the USB 3.0 and SD card reader and welcome to the USB Type-C and microSD slot. Fortunately, the USB Type-C / USB adapter is provided. Completed also the owner power plug, it is now via USB Type-C that the battery is charging.

The keyboard keeps its backlight and keys very pleasant to browse. With the keyboard of MacBook Pro, the Dell XPS 13 is probably the one we prefer in the entire PC universe. Yes, let's not be afraid to say it loud and clear!

No more light on the power button. And for good reason ! It conceals a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint sensor. Compatibility also shared by the dual sensor webcam located at the bottom of the screen. What doubly protect your valuable data.

Big wind tunnel

With a few screwdrivers well placed, we quickly discover the bowels of the machine. Dell did not mégoté on the ventilation system to cool the heat of Core i5 (Core i5-8250U) and those memory modules, soldered to the motherboard (and therefore not extensible). Normally, some elements are now in Gore Tex to further improve the effectiveness of the device. We will verify this during our investigations.

The test of this new Dell XPS 13 vintage 2018 is coming to. In the meantime, we suggest you browse the version of the old version, equipped with new Intel eighth generation processors. Anyway, stay tuned!

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