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Friday, 9 February 2018

Galaxy S9: it will be well accompanied by a new DeX Pad

Technology: The design of this dock that turns the smartphone into a full PC has been reviewed, it is more compact and offers new possibilities.

Galaxy S9 :- Launched with the Galaxy S8, the DeX is a docking station that connects to a screen in HDMI turns the smartphone into a real PC. The idea is to offer a PC desktop experience, the user then finds an environment of "expanded work".
Galaxy S9: it will be well accompanied by a new DeX Pad

The dock should still be transformed with the upcoming arrival of the Galaxy S9. According to the always well-informed Evan Blass, the smartphone will be accompanied by a new DeX Pad, image to support. The design of this dock has been reviewed, it is more compact and offers new possibilities.
The smartphone will not connect more vertically but it will be enough to lay it flat. Once connected, the smartphone screen can be used as an additional touchpad (while in the existing version, the terminal is silent once it is connected). A trick that will do without the mouse. One can also imagine that it allows to do without keyboard using the virtual keyboard of the smartphone.
The world number one believes that its approach illustrates "the vision of the modern office". "We can easily imagine workspaces composed only of screens / keyboard / mouse on which employees come to connect with their smartphones and their docks that replace the PC, the laptop, the smartphone, these are important savings possible for companies, "explained a spokesman.

Recall that the first version of the DeX can connect in HDMI to a Full HD screen (1920 x 1080) and has two USB 2.0 ports to connect keyboard and mouse. There is also an Ethernet connection, a USB Type-C port for charging the smartphone and even an integrated fan.

Once activated, DeX displays on the screen an almost complete interface quite far from the UX of Android and closer to a Windows with desktop, taskbar and multi-window applications. The user has access to a dedicated browser, a mail client, a file manager and a photo viewer.

It supports Microsoft Office suite tools or Adobe tools that are also available natively on the smartphone. The set allows multi-tasking and drag and drop files. Samsung also offers the ability to connect to a remote office with support for Citrix, VMware and Amazon solutions.
The experience is quite convincing for the pros, which did not stop Samsung from changing its product. Last October, Samsung announced beta support for Linux on Galaxy, which allows you to install and use a GNU / Linux distribution like Ubuntu as a working environment in DeX mode. The approach is simple since it is sufficient to install the Linux on Galaxy application on the smartphone that allows the user to choose and install a distribution of his choice. What make possible the use of Linux applications compatible with ARM processors, that is to say almost the entire repository of the penguin .

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