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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Google Flight uses AI to predict flight delays

By using machine learning algorithms, the Google Flights app is able to tell you the potential delay of flights yet still displayed on time.

google flight

Your flight is late and your airline does not tell you yet. But you are aware of this because Google Flights has just told you. It is not a supreme entity that reads in the future but an AI brick called machine learning that is at your service. Google's algorithms cross a lot of data in real time - a pity Google does not give more details on this - and, with their experience over time, estimate the probabilities of delay.

As soon as the probability of delay reaches 80%, Flights warns you ... while still instructing you to arrive on time because the announcement is not yet official. European friends do not expect anything from Flights at the moment, this feature only works for the USA.

In addition to this predictive tool, Flights also displays the flight details of three American airlines - American, Delta, and United - to highlight the services attached to your ticket. Important information in the USA where the cheapest air tickets prohibit you until the use of the upper safes to put away your suitcase. Of course, Flights offers not only the purchase of tickets from these companies but also the purchase of these additional options. Nice coincidence, right?

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