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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Nintendo Switch Online will be launched in September 2018

Next to Xbox Live and other Playstation Plus, Nintendo will also launch its paid online service. A service that would be three times cheaper than its competitors.

nintendo switch online

The Switch finally knows the launch period of its online service: according to Ars Technica, it will take until September 2018 to see the arrival of the Nintendo replica to Xbox Live and other Playstation Plus. Quoting an investor telephone conversation (mandatory for listed companies), Ars Technica also knows the price of the service should be $ 20 per year (or $ 4 per month and $ 8 per quarter), an annual rate three times lower to that of its competitors.

Inspired by the services of Microsoft and Sony, the Switch Online will play free old titles, unlike the current approach of Nintendo is to charge for each title the player wants to play. We should also find all similar services offered by competitors, such as communication tools, player rankings, exclusive content, etc.

The choice of the September period would coincide with one or more major games launches and would be a good testing ground with the Christmas period: it is better to test an online service before this period to test its solidity.

On the sidelines of this announcement, Nintendo also claimed that Mario Kart Tour would be good on smartphone - the fifth Nintendo franchise to escape from its consoles after Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem - and we know also that Mario's master, Shigeru Miyamoto, will be the co-producer of a 3D movie of which Mario will be the hero. 

After a Wii U era a little dreary, the Switch has returned colors to Nintendo!

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