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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Orange accuses TF1 of taking its subscribers hostage

The incumbent operator regrets the attitude of TF1 which asks it to stop broadcasting its channels in the clear and has already cut the replay service MYTF1 for its subscribers.

Orange accuses TF1 of taking its subscribers hostage

[Update at 12:25] Orange was quick to react to TF1's statements. He believes that the group is hijacking its customers by asking it to stop broadcasting its channels and depriving its subscribers today of MYTF1. He also considers the group's compensation claims to be excessive, as it seeks more revenue from OTT services and replay features. Orange stresses that the channels retain their advertising revenues and that "the operators pay for all the technical transport costs, while they are responsible for the channels on the other distribution networks (TNT, satellite)". The operator estimates that TF1 breaks the financial balance of the market.

War is declared. TF1 today urges Orange to stop broadcasting its unencrypted channels on its boxes. These are TF1, TMC, TFX (formerly NT1), TF1 Series Films (ex HD1) and LCI.

It has been almost two years since TF1 threatened to cut the signal to operators who would not want to raise the price of their distribution. After two years of negotiations, TF1 and Orange failed to renew their agreement. The latter ended this night, hence the punch on the media table this morning.

Moreover, the chains remain accessible to the spectators in herztian on TNT. His power of technical nuisance on this subject being limited, he prefers to put forward possible legal proceedings. "Noting that Orange is pursuing the commercial exploitation of its channels without a contract, the TF1 group intends to use all legal means at its disposal to assert its rights," reads in the press release of TF1.

The replay service already suspended

TF1 is, however, already attacked by suspending this morning the replay service and associated features such as the start-over that allows you to return or start a program or the enriched catch-up that offers replay beyond 7 days.

The media wants to impose on operators a new offer called TF1 Premium and requires a substantial increase in its remuneration. SFR and Bouygues Telecom have already agreed to checkout, unlike Orange. The question now remains whether Free will follow the example of the incumbent operator.

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